Veggie Burger Recipe

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Veggie Burger Recipe

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Adjust Servings:
1 can Beets - Diced plus juice
2 tablespoons Flax Seed ground
1 can Black Beans - Drained
1 cup Red Onion - Diced
1 cup Brown Rice - Cooked
12 - 14 oz Extra Firm Tofu - Diced
2 tablespoons Garlic - Minced
1/2 cup Vegan Chop House Vegetable Stock Better than Bouillon, Chicken Base (Vegan) is my preferred subsitute
2 1/2 tablespoons Cornstarch
2 tablespoons Curry Powder
2 tablespoons Chives - Diced
2 tablespoons Cilantro - Diced
1 tablespoon Coriander Powder
1 tablespoon Cumin Powder
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Chili Powder
2 eggs Compliments Fake Egg Product VeganEgg is our preferred choice - OPTIONAL
Burger Buns
Ranch Dressing
Red Onion - Sliced Thick sliced
Tomato - Large Variety Thick sliced
Butter Lettuce
Cilantro - Garnish

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Bon appetit, vegan style, the Vegan Chop House way. The home of crazy good food.

  • Serves 12
  • Medium


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A great vegan veggie burger recipe is harder to find than we want to admit. There are so many that fall short. Not this veggie burger recipe. Nothing humble about it. As a matter of fact this one is plain old braggadocios. And with plenty of reason to be. A great vegan veggie burger recipe isn’t just about flavor, it’s about texture too!! A burger is something you sink your teeth into.  The Vegan Chop House stands tall amongst veggie burgers.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your taste buds. At the Vegan Chop House you can find a number of non-vegan favorites that have been painstakingly adapted to a vegan preferences. Think being vegan is all about eating just fruits and vegetables without adding taste or texture. Think again. At the Vegan Chop House, it’s about enjoying crazy good food. Our vegan veggie burger recipe is just one more example of a great vegan dish that brings pleasure to non-vegans and vegans alike. Don’t sacrifice your taste buds, try our vegan veggie burger recipe.

There is method in all the madness. I’m not a control freak trying to tell you how to enjoy your burger your way. Have at it, your way! A couple of things; when you freeze the burger first it tends to bind together better than if it’s not frozen first. Baking the burger at 350 F for 10 minutes each side – from frozen, rather than heating in a pan tends to help the burger. The goal of layering the burger in a specific fashion is to keep the structural integrity of the burger together (never thought I’d say that in my lifetime) while it’s bitten into. The reason for thick slices is to add texture and flavor to the burger. If you want avocado on your burger, mash the avocado first, don’t add it as a slice, place the mashed avocado towards the top of the burger. Now, how about some authentic British chips and salted asparagus spears to go with your fabulous veggie burger? My personal favorite way of bringing this veggie burger recipe to life is to slightly toast the vegan bun. Add a slice of butter lettuce to the bottom, add the baked veggie burger, mashed avocado, very thinly sliced jalapeno’s (seeds out), a dollop of mayo mixed with chili powder and a sprinkle of chopped cilantro leaf. It doesn’t get much better!

It’s tough making a choice, when you have too many favorites. At the Vegan Chop House, we have a lot of favorites. Like our; Portabella Mushroom Burger, Corn Dogs, Fish and Chips, Vegan Buffalo Wings. And, don’t forget you need something to put the veggie burger in. That’s why we share the Vegan Chop House – Burger Buns recipe.

Seriously, who’d have thought that being vegan could be so tasty? Bon appetit, vegan style, the Vegan Chop House way. The home of crazy good food.

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1/4 lb Burgers

Pour the contents of the canned beets into a saucepan. Cook on a medium heat for 15 minutes. Place all of the ingredients into a large bowl. Mix thoroughly. Add the beets plus juice once cooked if you want your burgers to take on a more red color. Leave the juice out if you prefer a less meat looking burger. Mix thoroughly again.


Place the ingredients into a mixer. Mix with a paddle on slow. There should be a mixture of solids and mashed ingredients when completed. DO NOT TURN INTO A PURE MASH!! Place the blended ingredients back into a mixing bowl. Prepare a large baking sheet, by lining with parchment paper. Lightly spray the parchment paper with cooking oil.


Place a ½ Cup measuring device into a bowl of water. Using the measuring cup, scoop the patty mixture into the measuring cup. Turn the cup over and shake the patty mixture into a hand. Place the cup back into the water. In the palms of your hands form a ball with the patty. Place the patty onto the parchment paper. Continue to repeat. Space the patties about 2 inches apart.


Using the bottom of a mug or other round device, push down on the patty with the mug until each patty is about 3/4 inch thick. Place the baking tray into the freezer and freeze the patties. This helps the patty setup. Once frozen remove and stack as needed. Bake or fry as needed from frozen. To bake; preheat oven to 400F/204 C, and cook for 10 minutes per side. Remove and allow to cool for 5 minutes before plating. This is really important if you want the burger to stay together. The veggie burger solidifies as it cools.
**If you want your burgers to be more red, add the beet juice to the mix.


To plate; cut a hamburger bun open. Warm the bun under a grill. Place a butter lettuce leaf on the bottom bun. Add a thick slice of tomato, then the patty, thick sliced onion, ranch dressing, cilantro, bun top.

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